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Vodafone PAC Code: Change Network While Keeping Old Number

If you want to keep your old phone number while simply joining the Vodafone or moving to another network from Vodafone then you have to follow this simple guide. You can keep your old phone number, for this purpose you have to request for Vodafone PAC code. This code is completely free. The whole process of transferring to a network from Vodafone or moving to Vodafone to another network will not take more than one working day.

Here are three different options. Pick an option according to your situation and jump to its detailed instruction guide.

  1. I’m leaving Vodafone and Joining Another network

You can transfer your Vodafone number to another network.

  1. I’m Joining Vodafone and leaving other networks

You can transfer your phone number to Vodafone by making a new account.

  1. I’m Upgrading my Vodafone Phone or SIM Card

You can transfer your Number from one account to another Vodafone account.

1. Joining Another Network while Leaving Vodafone

If it is the case then you can still keep your old phone number. The procedure is quite simple. Make a request of PAC Code from Vodafone. This code comes to you free of cost as a part of your legal entitlement.

For requesting a code, you can dial 191 on your Vodafone handset. A second way to get this code is to dial  03333 040 191 from any other phone. During Vodafone’s opening hours, you can make a request for PAC code over the phone.

Got Vodafone PAC Code? What to do next?

Now all you have to do is to give this code to your new network operator.

Leaving other network and joining Vodafone

In such a case, you should ask your old network provider to give you a PAC code. Through this code, you are able to transfer your old phone number to your new Vodafone account.

Once you have your code, visit Vodafone’s official website and place an order for a new handset and SIM Card. You can pick from a wide variety of tariff and deals. Here are different deals and Tariff options you can attain.

How to use of Vodafone PAC Code for Vodafone network

As soon as you get your phone, turn it on and insert SIM card into it. In case you want to return or change your phone or SIM card then you have to do this before you transfer your number.

Are you okay with your current handset and SIM card? Is it working properly? Now enter your Vodafone PAC code on Vodafone’s online form. There are two more options to do this, either make a call to 191 from your Vodafone handset and give a code to the operator or simply call 03333 040 191 from any other phone.

Once a code is submitted, your phone number transfer process will be initiated. If you have given your code before 5:00 pm then a transfer will be scheduled for the next working day ( Monday to Friday) excluding bank holidays. In case you transfer this number after 5:00 pm then you have to wait for one more day.

2. When you are upgrading a plan on Vodafone

You don’t need a Vodafone PAC code, all you have to do is to upgrade to a new tariff or handset from a Vodafone website. You need to pick tariff and monthly deals from their available menu. You can order iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. While tariff are SIM only, Free SIM, Pay as you GO and Pay monthly.

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