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O2 Pac Code: How to Keep Your Old Number While Leaving and Moving to O2

You need to obtain a O2 Pac Code whether you want to leave O2 for another network or simply want to join O2 from another network. This code will help your new network provider in porting your number. You would be able to keep your old number.

When you are Leaving O2 and Joining another network:

In such case, you need to request O2 PAC Code.

How to request?

  • You have to contact customer services for obtaining a PAC code.
  • If you are a contract customer, make a call on 202 or you can also get it via live chat
  • Pay as You Go Customers will dial In case you are calling for another mobile phone then dial  0344 8090222.
  • You will get PAC code over phone or email or SMS.

How long it will take?

If you request this code during working days then you can get it from the O2 within two working hours of your request.

How to complete Transfer To Another Network?

  • As soon as you have your code, next thing to do is to check the deals available on other networks. Place an order for a new phone and SIM.
  • Go to the online website of the network and fill the form by giving details of your old mobile number, new SIM number, PAC code ( you got from O2) and your personal details.
  • New network provider will usually complete the porting within 48 days when you make a request during working days. In case you submit the online form on the weekend or bank holidays then you will have to wait for more.

What do you need to Know about O2 PAC Code?

  • Once you have your O2 Pac Code, you will have to provide it to your new network provider within 26 working days.
  • O2 PAC code is valid only for 30 days.
  • As soon as you provide PAC code to your new network provider, your current contract with O2 will be canceled. You will get your final bill.
  • A customer shouldn’t cancel his Direct Debits until the final bill is paid. As soon as you clear your final bill, its details will be shown on your MyO2 account. Old account will be disconnected.  W
  • When you give PAC Code to your new network provider, your remaining credit on O2 will be lost. You can’t take your PAYG account credit with you.

When you are Switch to O2 from Another Network with the Same Number

The process of joining O2 is pretty straightforward. All you need to have your old number and PAC code from our old network. Here are some steps to follow

  • Make a request of PAC code to your old network operator. Make a call to a customer care center.
  • In case you are joining O2 while keeping your old handset, then make sure your phone is unlocked to accept all networks SIM Cards. When it is locked, you will have to follow the unlock process given by your old network.
  • Insert new SIM given by O2 to your handset and switch it on.
  • When you are planning to use O2 Pay monthly plan, submit PAC code by dialing from your O2 handset. Alternatively, call 0344 8090202 from any other phone.
  • In case you are interested in O2 Pay As You Go plan then submit your PAC Code by dialing 4445 or simply 0344 8090222 if you’re calling from any other phone.
  • You will get a text message from O2 which will tell you the time and date when transfer will be completed. Normally, it takes 48 hours.

Now you know how you can change networks while keeping your old phone number.

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