Lycamobile International Bundles- Choose Best One That Suits You

Lycamobile is beneficial for the individuals who need to join back home. Giving work to the minimum effort with high quality worldwide calls through 15 million clients over 23 countries. Lycamobile’s sheer span, concentrate on client administration and inventive business methodology that has exceeded its rival set, accomplishing the more excellent scope of the European. Lycamobile has become very popular and become very fast over worldwide by connecting with their customers. As it connects its clients with their beloved ones across the worldwide at the lowest possible price.

Lycamobile International Bundles Plans 2019

Lycamobile is providing various international bundles for their subscriber with the best calls rate in national and international you can check given bundles details below.

Lyca Globe:

This bundle provides its clients with unlimited Lyca to Lyca texts and calls, 3000 international minutes with only cost £10 monthly. For Subscription dial *139*1011# and for text, type 1011 to 3536.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSData RoamingSubscriptionValidity
Lyca Globe £10.003000
International MinutesUnlimited
Lyca To Lyca Calls
Lyca to Lyca Texts
EU RoamingDial: *139*1011# Text: 1011 to 353530 Days

Great Eastern:

This is the best and beneficial offer that can please you, do not worry and look at this Great Eastern SIM that provides you with many benefits within £10 monthly. So, explore the SIM in which you will find 1000 minutes. It also gives you data of 2GB, so do not miss this offer.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesDataData RoamingSubscriptionValidity
Great Eastern £10.001000                Minutes to Poland,
Romania, Bulgaria and more
2GBEU RoamingDial: *139*1010# Text: 1010 to 353530 Days

Unlimited 9.9:

If you compare this SIM deal with other networks then you will see that this offer is best one at a lower cost for you to use. Therefore, make sure that you experience this SIM as it provides you with unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls and texts. It also offers 3000 international minutes that you can use easily. It connects you with your family, friends and beloved ones with the charge of just £9.90.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSData RoamingSubscriptionValidity
Unlimited 9.9 £9.903000
International MinutesUnlimited
Lyca To Lyca Calls
Lyca to Lyca Texts
EU RoamingDial: *139*103000# Text: 103000 to 353530 Days

Far East Plus M:

Utilizing a better SIM with no extra cost provides you with best deals, As a result, Far East Plus M gives you the opportunity of getting 1000 minutes for landlines and mobiles, as well as unlimited Lyca to Lyca, calls, texts and national texts with 1GB data. This all features cost only £10 monthly.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSDataSubscriptionValidity
Far East Plus M £10.001000
international minutesUnlimited
Lyca To Lyca Calls
Lyca to Lyca TextsUnlimited National Texts
1 GBDial: *139*321000# Text: 321000 to353530 Days

Nigeria Plan 20:

It is very beneficial for the client’s of Lycamobile, not to miss the special offer that is given to them with a limited amount of cost as well as with a greater number of benefits. As this Nigeria Plan 20 will cost you just £20 monthly to contact your loved ones to Nigeria’s landlines.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSDataSubscriptionValidity
Nigeria Plan 20 £20.00250
Minutes To Nigeria (Landline + Mobile)
NoneNoneDial: *139*2030#

Text: NGA400 to 3535

30 Days

Pakistan Plus:

It is a greater opportunity for the customers to experience something new and profitable. Therefore, do not miss the chance that is being given to you to be explored. Pakistan Plus proposes you with 500 minutes to Pakistan, India, China. More, 500 national minutes, and 100 national texts. As well as this offer will provide unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls and texts. This all will contain a data of 1GB with the charge of only £10 monthly.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSDataSubscriptionValidity
Pakistan Plus £10.00500
Minutes to Pakistan
100 UK texts1 GBDial: *139*889# Text: PAK500 to353530 Days

Uganda Plan:

Don’t be sad if you are away from your family, friends and your other beloved ones because this opportunity is provided for you with the suitable, reasonable and cheapest price offer. According to preference Uganda Plan provides you with 100 Minutes and UK (Landline + Mobile) with the tax of just £20 per month.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSDataSubscriptionValidity
Uganda Plan £20.00100
Minutes To Uganda And UK(Landline + Mobile)
NoneNoneText: UGA100 to 353530 Days

 China Plus M:

Are you struggling to get a reasonable price that suits your affordability? then feel relaxed and do not worry because China Plus M is giving you 700 Minutes To Pakistan (Landline + Mobile). So, be the first one to get this opportunity and at will only cost £10 monthly.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSDataSubscriptionValidity
China Plus M £10.001000
international minutes
Unlimited UK Texts1 GB Dial: *139*888# Text: 888 to 353530 Days

 Nigeria Plan 10:

Keep connected and informed about the important information that is provided for you. As Nigeria Plan 10 have many opportunities for you, such as it proposes you with 1000 minutes to China and UK and unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls, texts and national texts. This all will only charge you only £10 monthly.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSDataSubscriptionValidity
Nigeria Plan 10 £10.00120 International minutes

Lyca To Lyca Calls

NoneNoneDial:*139*2029# Text:NGA200 to353530 Days

Ghana Plan 20:

Be careful to choose something that gives you a good opportunity and the best outcome. Ghana Plan 20 provided its clients that utilize Lyca to experience the outermost SIM that proposes you with 140 Minutes to Ghana (Landline + Mobile), Unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls and texts. This all will only cost you £10 per month.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSDataSubscriptionValidity
Ghana Plan 20 £20.00140
Minutes To Ghana
NoneNoneDial: *139*2031# Text: GHA120 to353530 Days

 Bangladesh Plus:

Bangladesh Plus is one of the most profitable and reasonable priced SIM that gives an offer of 500 International Minutes to Bangladesh & Inter, national minutes and texts. Additionally, it provides you with unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls as well as data of 1GB with the cost of just only £10 monthly.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMinutesSMSDataSubscriptionValidity
Bangladesh Plus £10.00500
International Minutes
to Bangladesh & International500 National MinutesUnlimited
Lyca To Lyca Calls
National TextsUnlimited National Texts
1 GBDial: *139*2010# Text: BGDPLUS to353530 Days

Terms and Conditions:

  • There are no setup charges.
  • Note that after dialing the code the clients have to follow the instructions on the screen
  •  Kindly reclaim the PIN in front of the expiry date or you will lose your arrangement. The PIN to your SIM for the arrangement will lapse in 15 days.
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