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Lebara Pac Code: Join or Leave Lebara While Keeping Your Number

It is important to have your Lebara Pac Code Handy when you have a plan to join Lebara or simply when you make up your mind to leave Lebara for another network. This Lebara PAC code will help you to keep your number with you, no matter what new network you switched to. Get step-by-step instructions for moving to Lebara from another network or Leaving Lebara for a new network.

1.Join Lebara Pac Code, Keep your Number and Leave your Old network

Here are 3 simple steps you have to follow.

  • Request your Lebara Pac Code from your existing mobile network which will give you this code over a phone or SMS. You can get this code free of cost as a part of your legal entitlements.
  • Place an order of new SIM Card from Lebara from this link.
  • Make a call on 5588  from your Lebara handset 0870 075 5588 from any other phone. Give your Lebara Pac Code to the customer service.

Normally, it requires 1 day to complete the mobile number porting process. When you complete the request, you will get a confirmation message. You will get date and time details when exactly this transfer will be done by Lebara.

2.Leaving Lebara Pac Code, While Taking its Number to another Network

If it is your current situation then you have to follow a few steps.

  • Get a Lebara Pac Code from the Lebara. For this purpose, you can either make a call 5588  from your Lebara handset 0870 075 5588 from any other phone. Ask your customer service representative to give you a Lebara Pac Code.
  • You will get Lebara Pac Code over a phone. The details of its expiry dates will be sent to you via an SMS.
  • Now you have your code. Next step is to visit the official website of your new network provider and place an order for a new SIM card.
  • When your SIM card arrives, insert it into your mobile phone and switch on the device.
  • Make a Call to a customer care center. You can get number from the official website. Give PAC code and wait for the instructions.
  • Alternatively, you can go to the official website of the network provider and fill out “transfer your number” form. You need to add details of your old number, Lebara PAC code, new SIM card number and personal info in the form.
  • Whether you make a request via Phone or form, it will take 48 hours to process this request.
  • You will get a confirmation message from a new network provider when the porting process is completed.

Important Points to Consider:

  • Make sure you use your Lebara Pac Code within 30 days after Lebara Issue this code.
  • If you don’t want to use the code and has a plan to stay on the network then you should inform Lebara.
  • Your remaining balance and airtime will be lost as soon as Lebara PAC Code is used by another network.

Still, have some problems in changing network while keeping your number? Feel free to ask any question you have in mind, we would like to offer you a helping hand.

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