Lebara 6GB Internet Monthly Plan Full Update

Are you looking for Best deals in Data Plans? If so then mentioned below we have a great Data deal of Lebara 6 GB plan of monthly internet for Lebara users. Lebara provides its user with Lebara 6GB Internet Monthly Plan with Unlimited SMS and Minutes. This plan is at an optimum rate of only £15.00.

Lebara provides International Minutes to over 41 Countries.

Here Is A Complete Guide of Lebara 6GB Internet Monthly Plan:

The detail of Lebara 6GB Monthly Plan is described below in which Lebara Minutes, SMS and Data Plan are mentioned in detail. The Lebara 6 GB plan includes an attractive offer of unlimited calls to 42 countries. unlimited national minutes are also offered within the united kingdom. an option of unlimited national SMS is also available.

Lebara 6GB Internet Monthly Plan offer includes:

  • 6GB of data.
  • Lebara minutes.
  • SMS.
  • The offer of unlimited calls to 42 countries.
  • Unlimited national minutes are also offered within the united kingdom.

How to activate Lebara 6GB Internet Monthly Plan:

In order to activate this plan, send ‘6GB’ to 38885.

NetworkPackage NamePriceDataInternational MinutesNational MinutesNational SMSSubscriptionUnsubscription
Lebara 6GB Internet Monthly Plan £15.006GB Data With 4G SpeedUnlimited International mins  to 42 countriesUnlimited national mins to the United KingdomUnlimited national SMS to the United KingdomSend 6GB Plan to 38885Send the Relevant code by *stop to 28885

Benefits include:

  • No credit check.
  • Attractive rates.
  • FREE Lebara to Lebara.
  • Multichannel customer service.

Terms and Conditions:

Lebara SIM Only is a 30-day rolling plan valid after activating and setting up of a monthly debt payment.

To see all the international places you can call, go to www.lebara.co.uk/passterms. You can use UK minutes to call UK numbers that start with 01, 02, 03 and 07.

You can’t use the UK or international minutes to call the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, premium rate numbers or other toll-free numbers.

If you want to use more data or calls than you have in your bundle or call a place which is not included you will need to buy a top up.

You will then be charged at Standard Rates on a pay as you go basis.

To use extra data it may be cheaper for you to buy a data bolt-on.

Your plan will renew every 30 days.

To stop this, log in to your MyLebara account before 6 pm (UK time) on the 30th day.

Where Estonia is included calls to Top Connect Mobile is not part of your allowance.

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