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How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset

If you an android user and forget your password and you have most important data in your mobile phone that you don’t want to lose so we have complete solution here by following given method you can break your android phone password without losing your data we understand how hard is it when you have lots of important stuff on your mobile phone and you don’t wanna lose it in any condition use the given method and rest your Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset.

Best Ways to Unlock Forgotten Password of Android Phones:

There are Five ways through which we can Unlock Forgotten Password of Android Phones.

  • Android Device Manager (Version 2.3 and Up)

  • Smart Lock (Version 5.0 and Up)

  • Using Google Account (Version 4.4 and Below)

  • Third Party Security Options (given access)

  • Factory Reset Method

Here is Complete Description of each Method with Detail.

1.Android Device Manager (Version 2.3 and Up):

This Method is best one and easiest way to Unlock the Forgotten PIN or Password of Android Phone. Download the App Android Device Manager in your Computer. Login to your Account. Now you have options to select your device (phone) associated with that account.

Now a “Lock” Symbol is shown on your screen tap on this symbol. Now it requires to set new Password or PIN to reset the Forgotten PIN or Password. Once you write new Password or PIN it overrides the original lock that you had forgotten. Now you can access to your Android Cell phone by New Password or PIN.

2.Smart Lock (Version 5.0 and Up):

With the highest Latest technology improvement, the newer versions have higher security than the older ones, which could be Unlock with a Google Account Login Method. But there is a good feature of Smart Lock, through which our phones are automatically Unlock under certain conditions.

Such as when your Android Phone Automatically Connects with your Home Wi-Fi Network. For Example: when to forgot your Password or PIN, just go to Home option and Unlock your Android.

3.Using Google Account (Version 4.4 and Below):

So, you forgot Password and Unable to Unlock your Android Phone. So, he is a straight forward procedure to get into your Device.

  • Try to Unlock your device by applying passwords (maybe it will be unlocked).
  • Try for 15 times so that a time when you unable to type Password. An option of “Forgot Password” will appear below the screen. Click on this option.
  • Sign in to your Google Account through which last time you have logged in.
  • If you type right google account you are able to set a new password or pin on your Android Phone.
  • It will override the last Password or PIN which you have forgotten.

4.Third Party Security Options (given access):

Some Mobile companies give a feature of settings a situation of forgetting Password by applying some steps which are already set for Unusual Bad Conditions i.e forgetting Password.

Such features can be used by some Android phones to Unlock the forgotten password, but this setting will be already set for future bad circumstances. For Example: Find My Mobile By Samsung.

5.Factory Reset Method:

This is the last method to Unlock the Android. But this method will erase all the data from your android phone. So, this method is the last way to unlock your device.


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