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Giffgaff PAC Code: Keeping Your Old Network While Changing Network

You need a Giffgaff PAC Code whether you are planning to join Giffgaff while leaving another network or leaving Giffgaff for another network. This code will help you keep your old mobile number, no matter which new network you are moving to. Below you will find a detailed guide about changing network situations with your old number.

Leaving GiffGaff for Another Network

You will have to request Giffgaff PAC code which you can give to your new network provider for completing the porting process. This code will remain valid for 30 days. Once a transfer is complete, you will lose your remaining giffgaff airtime credit, goody bag, and payback points.

How to Obtain PAC Code from giffgaff via your Computer?

  • Login to your giffgaff account
  • Select HelpàKeep your number under SIM and Number
  • When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find PAC Request form.
  • Fill the form and submit it
  • You will get your code via SMS within minutes. It will provide code expiry dates and other details. You can see PAC instantly under your mobile number when on you’re my giffgaff dashboard.

How to Make a Giffgaff PAC Code Request From Your Handset?

For this purpose, you need to dial 43431.

  • You will get PAC Code voice confirmation.
  • An SMS will bring code expiry date information.

How to Complete Old Mobile Number Transfer on a New Network?

Make sure you give your PAC code within 30 days to your new network provider.

  • Make a call to a customer care center or alternatively visit the official website of your network service provider and fill the form. Normally, you need to mention your old number, new SIM number, PAC code and personal details in the form.
  • Once a form is submitted, you will get a message that will give you a date when the transfer will be completed.
  • Make sure to cancel any recurring goody bag settings or automated top-ups and remove your payment-card details from your dashboard on the transfer’s day.
  • Porting will be done within one or two working days.

Keep Current Number When Joining Giffgaff

It is second scenario, where you decided to become a part of giffgaff network while don’t want to change your existing number. Here are some steps you have to follow to complete this process.

  • You need to make a request of PAC Code from your existing network provider. For this purpose, you need to make a call to their customer care center.
  • Order your new SIM from giffgaff and insert it into your mobile phone. Switch on your handset.
  • Go to the official website of giffgaff and fill out “Transfer your number form”. You need to provide details of your new temporary SIM card number, the old number you want to keep, PAC code you get from your old network and preferred transfer date which must be within 14 days.

If you submit the form before 3:00 Pm then your number transfer process will be completed within 24 hours.  But when you make a transfer request on weekends or during bank holidays then you will have to wait for at least 2 days.

Important note:

  • You can only move a UK mobile number to giffgaff network.
  • You can not move an international or offshore number on this network.
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