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Full Solutions to Fix iPhone X Ghost Touch (iOS 12 Supported)

Are you a user of iPhone X and want to Fix iPhone X Ghost Touch (iOS 12 Supported). So, in this post, we are describing to you how you can Fix iPhone X Ghost Touch (iOS 12 Supported).

Here Is Complete Step By Step Guide To Fix iPhone X Ghost Touch (iOS 12 Supported):

This post describes you how you can fix your issues. Here is detail description of the issues or what type of issues and their possible solutions.

Possible Issues of iPhone X “Ghost Touch”:

Ghost Touch on your iPhone X may be a reason of wrong display assembly. It happens due to the damage of pin, or sometimes due to the improper setting of the display. These are the hardware problems of your apple phones.

If you have a warranty duration for your apple so, you can easily replace it with the company, they will change the new iPhone for you. But sometimes, these issues are resolved by fixing the software issues. It is caused by software problem such as iOS 12 update.

Tips How To Fix iPhone X Ghost Touch (iOS 12 Supported):

Tip1. Clear the screen:

In the first tip, you have to sure that your screen is full clearly clean. Clean it with cleaning solutions like alcohol. Make sure that your iPhone X is switched off during cleaning.

Another tip to clear the screen is to remove minor gaps between body and touch panel using a toothpick. Use tissue paper and fold it much time with the toothpick, and dip it in the solution.

Tip2. Reset Your All Settings:

The next tip to resolve ghost touch issue is by reset all setting of you iPhone X. For this open:

  • Go to the Settings”
  • Then “General Settings” 
  •  Now “Reset”
  • Then “Reset All Settings”. 

Tip3. To Set Hard:

In tip 3 some are hard issues are discussed. It is due to the hard resettings of your device. There are some issues which are discussed herein step by step detail.

  • Press “Volume Up” button.
  • Now release it.
  • Press the “Volume Down” button.
  • Release it.
  • Now you can see your screen is Sleep/awake condition. Till you see the logo of apple on the screen.

Tip4. By Fixing iOS:

Before fixing the hard issue sometimes it is due to the iOS update od your iPhone X. It is possible that your phone is due to the iOS issue instead of hard. So, go to the updates settings and tap on Update iOS.

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