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ASDA Mobile PAC Code: To Transfer Your Phone Number to Another Network

ASDA Mobile PAC Code will assist you to join another network leaving this network without facing the dark cloud of difficulties. To switch your network it is important to have Pac code so that you can carry your previous network number.

Either you are leaving another network to join ASDA Mobile PAC Code or you are switching from ASDA to another network it’s a simple and straight process. What you need to do is to request a ASDA Mobile PAC Code. It will make easy to keep your previous network number. The good thing is that you don’t need to pay it is a cost-free process and even it does not take more than one day to proceed on.
This port authorization code is valid for only 30 days. It gets expire if you don’t use it and then you are required to ask for another Pac code.

ASDA Mobile PAC Code

Port Authorization Code:

Port authorization code is a unique number just too facilitate MNP (mobile number portability), it is of normally 9 characters including alphabets and numbers in a way like ‘ABC123456’. This helps mobile operator during switching of networks.



  • Switching to ASDA
  • Switching from ASDA
  • Upgrading your ASDA plan

Leaving ASDA for another network

  • You can take your phone number, even if you want to quit ASDA for joining another network.
  • The process starts with your request.
  • If you are carrying ASDA mobile you can request on the help-line which is 2732 but,
  • If you are using another phone you will have to dial 0800 079 2732.
  • The code will be provided to you either through SMS or via Mail with the validity of 30 days.It is important, after getting Pac code, to keep an eye on the best options of other networks. You must be very selective in this. You can have an idea of best deals through online services given to you by network operators.
  • Once your request has been made, you are required to provide Pac code to the new network.
    After completion of a transfer, your previous account will close automatically.

To ASDA from another network

  • It is a short process as well. If you want to switch to ASDA mobile, you need to ask your old network to provide you with the Port Authorization Code (PAC).
  • After getting you will have to order your new handset of SIM card. It will be done through the ASDA website.
  • Once you get your new phone or SIM card, firstly make sure that everything is working properly, so that if you are not comfortable with the new one you can change it before transferring the network.
  • Once you are satisfied to carry on you can give your PAC code to ASDA mobile by calling on their helpline 2732.
  • On your request, your phone number transfer will schedule according to the system.

Upgrading your ASDA network

  • If you want to upgrade your network, you don’t need to carry PAC code. You can do it easily by just visiting the ASDA mobile website.
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